Get Involved

What We Do
  • We organise camps for our JD Children and their Guardians and create awareness regarding juvenile diabetes in the society

  • We provide Glucometer, Glucometer Strips, Syringe, Insulins free of cost to our needy members with juvenile diabetes foundation

  • We organise free check up camps at regular interval under the guidance and supervision of renowned Diabetologists, Ophthalmologists, Nephrologists, Dentists, Pediatricians, Endocrinologists & Dietitians

  • We also organise events which boost the confidence of children and their parents and help them to live a normal and healthy life.

How to get involved

You can get involved by:-

  • Donate

  • Adopt a needy child for year and support

  • Sponsor a camp

  • By Contributing your valuable time in the events and camps being organised by us